Kanshi The virtual reality world where you can interact in real-time with other inhabitants of an endless star system."


Kanshi "A BitClout node by and for Software Makers.

BitCoin decentralizes money.

BitClout decentralizes social.

Love4src decentralizes development.


Edo Koevoet

"Building on BitClout!

Unblocktalent is a global e-learning platform on Blockchain. Edo Koevoet (Founder) believes in ""practice what you preach"" and recognizes the immense value of decentralized social media powered by BitClout. At an early stage, he obtained a series of domain names to build apps on top of BitClout, with BitCloutNederland being the first of them. BitCloutNederland aims to be THE access to BitClout for all 17 million Dutch men and women who want to be on BitClout."

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Happy to discuss options with investors who see potential in BitClout country type sites, or BitCloutNederland in particular. Next project in line to be started: The objective here is to create an excellent place in BitClout for models and multi-million followers.


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